Plz suggest a Glitch-free CPU-MOBO-RAM combo

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  1. Hi all!

    Looking to upgrade an old HP dog into a reasonable machine, which will run Windows 7, comfortably. It is for my wife's office: not a gaming machine.

    I want a STABLE, CPU/COOLER/MOBO/RAM combo for under $300. Looking for AT LEAST 2GB RAM (4GB preferred). Big thing, again, is ~STABLE~. Not like the machine I built which died whenever a USB stick got plugged into a USB port. Or the one with fuzzy audio Or the one which up and froze up every few hours when playing online games. My wife accuses me of building useless systems. . . . and she is right more often then not. I want to crush the string of failures.

    So, I want Intel (my track record with AMD is more miserable than Intel); and Core 2 (don't want quad). I have my eye on the E7500 for $120 from Newegg. I was thinking of the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3L, for $90, also from Newegg. That would leave me $90, total, for the CPU cooler and RAM. -BUT- I do not know how much I can count on the compatibility of the CPU/MOBO combo.

    Pointers and suggestions?
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