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Using the new system template, what are the best matching parts MB, CPU, and memory. Are there other parts that I was not thinking of upgrading that I should rethink.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week/next week
BUDGET RANGE: 500-1000

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: I don’t need a new system I just want one. I never met a computer that was fast enough, so speed is good.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, keyboard, monitor, case, power supply, hard drives, cd drives, video card

Parts required: motherboard, CPU, 6-8 gigs memory

I have a Seasonic SS-400Fb and a Corsair HX520W power supply available and plan to use either of them.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, but I’m flexible.


OVERCLOCKING: have never spent the time to figure out how. Maybe.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Probably not.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: two 1920 x1200, an LG W2600H and a Dell 2405FPW

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Quiet is good. The case is an Antec P-180, a good quiet case. Video card is a Asus EAH3650/HTDP/512. this is a video card with no fan. I don’t do games. There are two hard drives, an ST3400633AS and ST3400620AS. No raid, one drive boots XP and the other Win 7 64 bit.
At least one external SATA connector would be good. I don’t need PS2 connectors, all my stuff is USB. I need at least one gigabit nic. I spent quite a bit of time in this forum and other places trying to figure it out for myself, but the variables seem to have increased exponentially since i built my current system in 2006.
I would like an MB, CPU, and memory that are all designed to work correctly with each other.
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  1. What do you use your pc for? HTPC, Compiling, Rendering, Web Browsing, Client Server Virtualization? It's going to be tough to direct you in the right direction based solely on "I don't do games".

    Generally speaking you have two main choices today:

    1156 - Mainstream, less expensive, more effecient and performs on par with 1366 in all categories minus 3+ sli/crossfire configurations.

    1366 - Extreme, supports triple channel memory, support for up to 4x sli/crossfirex. Supports future Gulftown (hexacore) processors, though I see this as somewhat disingenuous as 99pct of users upgrade to newer mobos that have newer features when they upgrade cpu, much as you're doing now.

    From the sounds of it you don't need sli/crossfire support so I'll stab in the dark with this:

    cpu: i7 860
    1156 processor with Hyperthreading support.

    mobo: Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3
    1156 mobo with USB/SATA 3.0

    ram: 2x4gb G.Skill Ripjaws

    I have no idea why you need so much RAM, but keep in mind that 2x4gb kits are quite expensive. 399.99 for the one listed above.

    If you really want to upgrade, I'd suggest looking into SSD's. It'll provide much more responsiveness from your system over a cpu upgrade. Again, this comes down to having no idea how you utilize your clock cycles.
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    If $1,000 is your budget for the CPU/mobo/RAM:

    CPU: i7-920 $289
    Mobo: Asus P6X58D Premium $310
    RAM: 2xG.Skill PI Series 3x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $360

    Total: $959. And most likely complete overkill for anything your doing.

    As far as a4mula's build, I wouldn't bother with 4 GB sticks yet. If you really need 8 GB, get two 2x2 GB kits. The upgrade can happen later when 4 GB sticks are a much lower price. That'll save you a good $170 right there.
  3. OK, through the end of last November I was developing software, Visual Studio 2008, C#, C++. I wrote and tested my last line of code before thanksgiving, and turned it over the following Monday. At this point, what I have is overkill for what I am doing. I just want a new system because I can, and I'm trying to make sure the MB, CPU, and memory will all work together at their highest speeds. When I did my current system in 2006 I had a bit of a memory issue and I'd like to avoid that. I've been thinking about SSD's or a raptor but haven't decided yet. I also though about pulling the SCSI out of my other box, but the card is a 29160 and Adaptec is not providing Win 7 drivers, and the Vista drivers throw lots of adapter errors although it does run, but it pauses a lot.
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