ZALMAN 9700 socket issues

You just have to adjust the little pegs on the mounting bracket to fit a slightly bigger layout. If you bought the cooler before 1155 was released you might have to contact Zalman and get a new set of mounting brackets.
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  1. Hey guys,

    Quick question. I have a Zalman CNPS9700 (

    I was using it with an intel quad core LGA 775. Now, I've upgraded to the LGA 1155 Core i5. I would like to still use this heatsink, and it claims it's compatible, however, it won't fit into the sockets of my ASUS Z77 board.

    Is there an adapter that I need to find to use this properly with this socket? (Keep in mind that I bought this back in '09 when 775 was the norm.)


    This is what you need and unfortunatly Newegg is out of stock but I believe you can pick one up on e-bay or the Zalman support site.
  3. I'll have to look for it. Thanks!
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