Good res for dual 4870x2 cards

Hi all,

just picked up a lcd from acer..a 23 inch that is capable of a max res of 2048x1152..

is this res enough to tap into the power of both 4870x2's?

games im playing are crysis, borderlands, avatr, fifa soccer, bioshock, batman, dragon age..

my original config was only 1680x something...and that wasnt enough..
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  1. Most monitor mfrs. recommend running LCD monitors at their native resolutions. If you run them at other settings, letters, words, etc. will appear blurry or indistinct. Try it and decide if you like it or not.

    Your GPUs have more than enough power to try out your idea.
  2. The max resolution on LCDs is almost always the native resolution I believe.
    That resolution should give the HD4870 a good work out. To get any higher you would have to spend $1000+ on a 2560x1600 monitor anyway.
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