Best case for Noise suppresion for a i7-930

So I am builing a computer which will be attached to my TV and would like to to be as quite as possible but still be able to overclock. What would be the best case to go with that would help suppress sound?
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  1. I will be using a ATX motherboard (gigabyte)
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    I have a few suggestions:

    1) Research at They have good tests on quiet components.

    2) Pick a quiet case. The Antec SOLO is a great one that I have personal experience with. It has insulated side panels, baffled intakes, and air filters. If you will install a gaming graphic card, keep the length at 10.2" or less. More is possible with a simple tin snip mod to the drive cage. Or, consider the P180, P182, p183 series.

    3) Get a good oem cpu cooler which uses large(120mm+) slow turning fans. Most noise will come from fan noise. I used a thermalright ultra 120 extreme. It fit,...just barely.

    4) Consider the new clarkdale 32nm cpu's. They run cooler and will run most things well that don't require quad cores. If you can use the integrated graphics, then so much the better.

    5) Don't skimp on psu quality or sizing. A premium PSU will be more efficient, keeping the fan speed down.
    Corsair, and Seasonic are good places to start.
  3. +1 what geofelt said! has a lot of useful information about quiet pc's.
  4. So looking at this looks like I might go with the Antex Fusion Remote Max..
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