ITX case that will hold ATX power supply?

So I'm putting together a new LAN rig, and the new Zotac LGA1156 ITX motherboard fits the bill perfectly.

However, ITX power supplies don't seem to get much above 300 watts, and a 5970 needs that much by itself. Anyone know of a case for an ITX motherboard with two expansion ports and compatibility with ATX, or at least, Micro ATX, power supplies?
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  1. Nevermind (wish I could delete this), Lian Li has just such a case (other than the 2 expansion ports):

    Shoulda known...
  2. Right, but is that case big enough to house the 5970?
  3. It won't without some modification: if you cut out the portion below the 1 expansion slot, it could.

    But like I said in the post right above yours: it only has one expansion port, and therefore, probably won't hold anything fast for a while. Not until a vendor modifies a 58xx series card for a single slot and either drops a video connection or changes over to multiple HDMI ports (which would work).
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