My mother board is asus M2N68-Am plus. can i use 2 rams of different frequency?

i m using asus motherboard M2N68-AM can i use 2 ddr2 rams of different frequency...will it affect my pc.
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  1. If it works, it will run at the slower speed of the two. I suggest you use 2 single sided or 2 double sided ram sticks; don't mix a single with double sided stick.
  2. i am using is showing 3gb ram in my properties. 1 ram is 2gb DDR2 667 and the other 1 is 2gb DDR2 800. so is it safe. and i didn't single sided or double sided ram sticks. can u explain it please.
  3. Single sided means the chips are on one side only. The other side is blank, showing only circuitry. Double sided means both sides are populated.
  4. okk thank u. my both ram is double sided but different frequency. 1 is 667 and another is 800. is it safe or not.
  5. If it works, it works. Try the default settings. You can use cpuz to check your ram and cpu output. Energy saving software will keep your cpu readings under spec. Ram readings are half the actual fsb. Could be 333 or 400.
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