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On my first build and it is showing me how truly far I am for being an erudite of all things electronic. I have a GA-Z68XP-UD3 motherboard, a 120gb SSD, and a 500gb HDD. Originality bought to use SRT, but after the fact, with the advice of this site, plan on using the SSD for the OS and games w/ the HDD as a mass storage device.
I have no idea how to hook this thing up to the motherboard:
or if i need RAID (what #), or AHCI.
I would be eternally grateful for any help.
I am going to see how hooking both up to the GSATA3_6/7 with AHCI works out.
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  1. AHCI, attach SSD to SATA0, DVD drive to a SATA II port (not SATA III). Then install Windows and then attach HDD to any SATA II or III port that is free.
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    As stated above, set BIOS to ahci
    DO NOT use GSATA for SSD!!!!!
    Did not catch, is SSD a Sata II, or SATA III SSD?
    .. If Sata III SSD connect to Intel SATA3_0
    .. If Sata II SSD connect to Intel SATA2_2

    DO NOT connect HDD until AFTER you have install windows 7 on the SSD.
    After Window 7 is installed, THEN connect the HDD, Can connect where you like, I'd probably use the Sata2-3, or if a SATA III HDD to the GSATA port.

    Stick the DVD drive on SATA2-3,or 4. DO NOT stick DVD drive on GSATA port, or the Intel SATA III port.
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