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I have 4 sticks of OCZ PC2-6400 ram, each has 2 gigs in it. The Part # is OCZ2VU800G. I am running an Nvidia 680i LT Mobo with a Q6600 running at stock speeds. For some reason 2 of the memory sticks are running at 333mhz, not 400. I have it set to unlinked in the Bios and set to 400. 2 of the sticks are at 400. Here is a web validation from CPU-Z:

I can't figure this out! Is it a voltage issue? I left everything stock in the Bios. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Check the CPU-Z Memory tab to verify the RAM frequency for each slot, it looks like the 5300 and 6400 are referring to the SPD on the RAM itself.
  2. What's the SPD?
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