Phenom II x4 965 or I5-750/Currently have Athlon x2 6000

I am going to order a motherboard/cpu tomorrow and try to install it this weekend.
I am trying to decide between a Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition and a I5-750.
I am trying to keep the CPU price under $200. and the total upgrade price under $400.

My needs are not extraordinary. I may start to game again once Battlefield 3 comes out.
And I have started to edit a little video with Premiere. I may want to pursue the video editing a little more.
I also love to multitask-usually have 5-6 program as one time.

I am leaning more towards the AMD because I will be able to upgrade to a six or more core in the future.
If I could buy an I5-750 with a 1366 pin configuration that would solve my dilemma, but there is no such thing.
If I buy the I5, I do not think I will be able to get another processor into the socket, at least not one worth having.

Am I missing anything?
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  1. Looks like you got it all figured out.
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