Final thoughts on i5 Budget build!!

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Monitor/keyboard/mouse/cd-dvd drives(2)/Harddrives 160gb and 40gb

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: All old Drives are IDE, mostly play CS Source,Call of Duty and Dirt

I5 750
Asus P7P55D LX
Ocz 700 PSU
CM 212+
G.SKILL 4Gb 1333 CL 8
Windows 7 64 bit

Just wanted some feedback before purchase. I decided not to go with the new USB3.0/ Sata 6 boards and was a little iffy on the GPU. Probably gunna go with IDE to Sata connectors for my old drives rather than buying a Spinpoint F3 hardrive....Still debating though. ANY ADVICE IS MUCH APPREICATED! :D
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    ^ IMO, the HD 5770 would be more suitable for your screen resolution...and also going crossfire with that board would not be a good option as the 2nd card will run at x4 speed - bottlenecked...So going with a single power card would be better...
    And a good mobo for less...
    Gigabyte UD2

    You can take a loot at this too...
    Foxconn P55MX LGA 1156

    And an IDE HDD ?
  2. I have exisiting IDE Drives on my rig right now as stated 1 @ 160gb and 1 @ 40gb that i would like to use instead of throwing these away. I know a 500gb spinpoint will run about $55 for newer/better(SATA) hardrive but Im trying to re-use components.

    Thats actually a really good gigabyte board but Im not crazy about Micro Atx.

    As far as GPU goes, the 5750 vs 5770 doesnt seem like that much diferent?
  3. The HD 5770 offers good improvement over the 5750..

    And its not about the form factor here...but a good component for less...
  4. matx has kind of had a bad rep in the past due to squeezing the same amount of core components into a smaller area thus creating heating issues. With 1156 the removal of the northbridge paired with Nehalem's lower wattage ram alleviates this concern.

    Unless you plan on running eyefinity (multiple monitors) stick with Gkay's suggestion and go with a 5770 and spend the saved cash on a SATA drive. If anything you can always use those old drives in a NAS.
  5. If you have 2 IDE drives might I ask what is your CD/DVD drive? You might run into a prob there if your re-using that many old components.

    If you have an IDE Disk drive also guess you get to justify the money for a 500 gig HD.
  6. One of my disk drives is a Pioneer 20X

    my other drive is just a standard CD Rom from my old dell. My problem all my drives are IDE, bascially i would have to upgrade to 2 SATA disk drives and Harddrive :( and wouldnt be able to use existing ones without connectors.

    Spinpoint F3 500gb $55
    Plextor 24X CD/DVD $54
  7. I have a Antec 300 case, even though Antec says it supports mATX will i have any other problems?
  8. ^ The only issue that you might face with that case is that it doesnt come with the Case buy 1 along with the case...will really help in debugging if you run into any hardware issues...
  9. Even though newegg lists it as ATX only. Antec's site lists it as matx compatible. So I'd say you're ok
  10. Awesome I think Im ready to go! I think im gunna stick with one disk drive instead of two...dont really need two...and convert my IDE drive to Sata. :D

    I5 750
    Sapphire Vapor X 5770
    Ocz 700 PSU
    CM 212+G.SKILL 4Gb 1333 CL 8
    Windows 7 64 bit
    Spinpoint F3 500gb
    Antec 300

    What do u guys use to be grounded when you assemble?
  11. Stay off of carpet, don't wear wool. You can ground yourself via the chassis by touching exposed metal before handling components. If it's concerning you that much you can pickup a anti-static wrist strap for under 10 bucks. I've never had any problems, but I live in an extremely humid area where static isn't prevalent regardless.

    Build looks good, make sure and post a follow up once it's running.
  12. will do! Thanks for the Advice and feedback. :D
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