MSI 785Gm-E53 AMD board .. not booting

HI All,

I bought a MSI 785Gm-E53 AMD board for the new Phenom black 550 processor, I installed everything right as per the manual.

I turned on, it did not boot and also did not power up my cd rom drives, I had a case from 2007, I thought the power supply should be sufficient.

I tried checking my connections again, everything is fine and tucked in right

based ont he MSI manual, it has APS lights, i see blue lights
my second led is not lighting up (ie * #***)
THe first one is NB and the next 4 is APS lights the very first LED on the APS is not lighting up, can some one help me, to find out if the mother board is bad or the power supply is not sufficient.

Thank you
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    Power supply specs? Most 300w ps will boot any bare bones test unless your video card requires the 6 pin ps connector. I would first reseat the ram; completely remove and reinstall. Then try resetting the bios or check the cmos jumper carefully. Be sure it's in the run position. Remove the motherboard battery for one minute with the power supply unplugged. Unplug the hardrive and optical drives for the post test.
  2. o1die

    Thanks for the reply, will try and let you know

  3. I was out of town, Will let the forum know in few days

    thanks for reminding me
  4. still the same issue
    exchanged to new mother board, that is also no post lookslike something else is going on

    I bought a new case from thermaltake, new power supply, still the same issue
  5. ;)
    Got everything done
    It was my mistake, as I was thinking there was only one power supply for the board but ther was 2 PS one 20 pin and another 2X2 pin. pluged it in, powere up it was sweet

    Installed win 7 ultimate, went very smooth, then downloaded installed CPU-Z suite, went to go ahead and unlock the 2 cores, fingers crosses, it went perfectly CPU-z tells me that it is now 4 cors

    MSI 785G- E53/E65 (AM3 board)
    AMD Phenom II 555 Black Edition
    OCZ PS
    ThermalTake case
    4 GB ram DDR3 1.65 volts

    set the ACC to enabled
    Set the CPU core voltage to auto
    then enabled the unlock core

    saved the bios, PC restarted, and i checked the CPU-z it shows me it has changed name from AMD Phenom II 555 to AMD Phenom X4

    I do not have any intentions of clocking now, if so i might increase using the EC OC switch by 10%, I will check the stability for a while and keep you updated
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