How does this look?

This build is about $650 after rebates. How do you think it is? I plan to use it mainly for gaming.
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  2. Thank you. With that Gigabyte mobo I wasn't sure if it supported my CPU. Sorry I forgot to add my moniter is 1280 x 1024. I plan to upgrade that soon but have to use it for now. I will make those changes soon.
  3. ^ And will you try overclocking ?
    If Yes, then get the X3 can easily be set to the 435's speed by just increasing the BCLK in the BIOS...

    if you want to stick with 435 -
  4. Okay I will go with the X3 425. Thank you for the help.
    Also is there a noticable difference between the Athlon II X3 and Phenom II X2?
  5. ^ It depends...if the apps or games take advantage of additional cores, then the X3 would be better...and in apps where clock speed and cache is more important there the P II X2 would be better...but overall the X3 425 once when slightly overclocked - say even 3GHz, they offer very good overall performance...
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