Deleted photos on hdd

I accidentally deleted some photos on my laptop hdd and can't seem to get them back with recovery program's although one did find them but the pictures would not open,Any help would be great.
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  1. When files are deleted you must recover them immediately; even rebooting Windows will likely destroy some files. And you must use another computer to download recovery software because creating ANY new files might destroy deleted files. Also, when you recover them, you must copy them to another drive, otherwise the act of recovering one file can destroy another.
  2. yup... get getbackdata for ntfs. works great. not free still cheaper than a recovery service.
  3. getbackdata does find all my lost photos but i can not open any, any tips on this ?
  4. Hi...
    You can recover accidentally deleted photos from hard drive by using Remo recovery tool. This software helps you recover all types of data from hard drive such as photos, videos, images, pictures, text document etc. I used this software to recover jpeg files and i successfully got back all lost files. Now you can http://www.****/remo-recover-windows.exe this software to recover your deleted photos.
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