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I use WIN XP SP3. How can I print the file names (only) in a folder?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    Go from Start to Run and type cmd into thw Open box. At the Command Prompt, navigate to the folder concerned by using the syntax chdir c:\Documents and Settings> etc until you have the entire path then type DIR.

    Right click anywhere in that black form and scroll to SelectAll. Pressing Enter puts the entire contents of the list you just made into the Clipboard and Control V puts it into another utility - Notepad for example,once you've opened a blank form.

    Then you can edit the list to take out the bits you don't need and print the rest. Watch out for the header and footer in Notepad - delete them before printing. If you have Word, use that in preference - Wordpad would do almost as well.

  2. You can redirect the output of the "dir" command right into a text file.

    Look at the dir command options to do whatever filter you want it to for files and folder listings.

    Type in "dir C:\Sample\Sample\*.* > C:\name.txt"

    It will create a name.txt file with the output of the dir command.
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