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I would like to assemble a PC. I want to know the medium priced motherboard which is compatible with core 2 duo and greater. because I'd a plan to upgrade it to core i3.
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  1. Core2 duo is socket 775. Core i3 is socket 1156. so you will have to choose. You can't upgrade from core2 duo to i3. The H55 1156 boards have come down in price; some are around $75. Be sure to get the H series if you need onboard video, and the cpu supports it. Some i5 or i7 cpus don't have the graphics onboard.
  2. Hey Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll be happy if you specify the motherboard models and manufacturer.....!
  3. Will need your vender to give you some options. I use a biostar th55b hd micro atx board with 4 dimm slots and some overclocking options. It doesn't have usb 3.0 or sata 6.0 like some of the newer boards, but it works ok. had an msi h55 board the other day for only $45 after rebate, but sold out online. It's still available in some of their stores.
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