I need a VGA cooler that is quieter than my 4870 1gb vapor-x

So I have a Sapphire 4870 1GB Vapor-X, and I am not happy with the noise level.
I know many people view it as a fantastic cooler, I am simply not sattisfied. It is to oud on 56%, and although it cools my card extremely well, it is not good at directing the rest of the heat outside the case. It sort of just disperses it.
I have my core clock at 790mhz, ad my memory clock at 1005mhz, so it needs to be able to cool an OC'd 4870 well, while giving me superior noise performance.
For me, Noise level is of greater importance than cooling capabilities, although it needs to be at least decent on that front too.
Here is what I have been looking at.
This cooler comes with one scythe slipstream 120mm fan. Not sure the rpm. What do you think? Its scythe's new VGA cooler, and I am loving the price/performance ratio.
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  1. I think that is a good cooler, i never try it through...
    But an aftermarket cooler mostly much better than the stock cooler.
  2. are there any others you would recommend?

    I need something that is compatible with the new 58** series.
  3. Best answer
    No no, that cooler is good, seriously.. :)
    Aftermarket cooler is much more good than a stock cooler, i believe your choice is great.
    wait, your card is 4870, right?
    why u want cooler that compatible with 58xx series?
    take a look at this:

    just another option to consider, but your option before is good....
  4. I want it to be compatible, because I plan on upgrading shortly after nvidia releases fermi, and in turn the 5850 prices go down. Either that, or wait until the the 5830 comes out. Either way, I will be upgrading at one point in the foreseeable future, so I want to make sure I am prepared.
  5. I believe that links i give u are compatible with 58xx cards... :)
    But, it's up to u, ckaz.... :D
    your option is good.
  6. k thanks a lot!
  7. U don't have to choose me as best answer, i just commented your thread... :)
    Anyway, good luck, ckaz...
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