PC rapidly deteriorating

I've had my rig for just over a year. Two weeks ago I started playing Saboteur, which crashed on me on a daily basis, forcing me to hard reboot, but I kept doing it coz the game is so fun.

Gradually, instead of just freezing up, I would get a "no signal" on my screen. After this started happening, I stopped playing the game.

From there on, things just got worse. The next stage was that I would get the "no signal" on other programmes...and even just after Windows finished loading. Even hard reboot didn't work after that--I had to switch of the PSU before I could boot.

Now, my motherboard won't post. The fans come on and so do the motherboard lights, but that's about it.


Core i7 920
Kingston 2x2g 1333
Seagate Barracuda 500g
Zotac GTX260(216)
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  1. Weird...I took every apart and put it back to together. I'm running Windows for about 10 min. Everything looks stable.

    Still, if anyone can tell me what the hell cause all this I'd be truly grateful.
  2. It sounds like a POWER SUPPLY issue.Grab a similar or better spec PSU and swap it with your current one and see if this helps.Goodluck.

  3. Yes, it sounds like a PSU issue to me also.
    Please post the brand, wattage and +12v amperage of your current PSU.
  4. Thanks. Forgot to mention I have a Corsair TW750. Shoulld last a lot longer than 1 year.

    I think it may be a CPU overheat issue. My heatsink was pretty dusted up.
  5. The Corsair 750 is an excellent PSU and should have no issues running your system.

    A clogged HS and overheating CPU defiantly could cause your issues.
    Take a can of compressed air and clean out your entire case.
    Afterwards, please use Coretemp or Realtemp to post your idle and load temps.

    Also, are you using the stock cooler and did you make sure it is properly seated?
    Stock Intel coolers can be a major PITA to get seated some times...
  6. Yeah I used a cotton bud and vacuum cleaner on the heatsink (Intel stock). Not exactly best practice I know.

    Am currently getting 47-50 degrees C on idle.

    Tie Figher was awesome btw.
  7. Btw, what's the best way to monitor CPU load temperatures? Run a game and cut out to desktop to check?
  8. Yes, yes it is :D
    I really need to find an old P5 machine somewhere so I can play it in all its glory again.

    To find your max load temp, do a small FFT torture test with prime95.
    This will put a much higher load on your CPU than you are likely to ever see in real life usage.
  9. I played that game on a P3. I would man the joystick while my middle school roommate would be "R2" and we'd go attack Calamari Cruisers in a Tie Defender lol.
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