Asus or MSI?

So im really stuck on which MOBO I should get for my computer. My goal is to build a black/blue theme computer so the mobo has to be black/blue colors. I heard Asus makes the best mobo's followed by Gig/MSI. I love the MSI dark blue colors more then the Asus's but I want a mobo that fits my needs. My price range for the a mobo is $140-180.

I plan to OC in the near future using the i5 3570k
I need a mobo that will be able to OC without issues.
I want to hook up to 6 Fans
I plan on only using 1 GPU so no need for SLI

This is the PSU I plan on getting

The mobo's I have my eye on is Asus MSI

I also heard from some people that I should go with Asus if OC because MSI bored I picked out will have trouble doing so. If anyone can give me some good idea's on mobo's or anything about the Mobo's I please let me know! Thanks.
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  1. The Asus MB's are known for being overclocking friendly and they have some good options in the bios and the MSI boards can do overclocking but it's going to depend on what you want to do for overclocking and by how much. The MSI board will fit better into your color scheme and they really aren't all that bad. The MSI boards do have the military class components on them so that's also a plus.
  2. Ive been looking at tons of good reviews about that mobo so tyvm =D
  3. Both are nice, but I am an ASUS Fan!
  4. I like the Asus but I think for what you have picked out, out of the two I would get the MSI.

    EDIT: On second thoughts ASUS, but it's so tiny, just look at reviews and what you like best.
  5. I am going to have to change my opinion of the MSI boards since I just had one burn up on me and for no particular reason. The cpu socket just started smoking out of nowhere and I just hope when I get a chance to run a check on my cpu that it's ok.
    I will be going with an Asus board for a replacement and that means I will suggest to you one as well. I had heard some rumors of MSI boards catching fire or something like that and dismissed it as just wild rumors but now I have first hand knowledge and It's true.
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