Access Denied/Can\'t view files and can\'t delete them either HELP!

well my issue is similar and very VERY strange
I have a 2GB microSD card in my phone.
I formatted it with the phone so it would create the folder structure that the phone recognizes
(samsung phone)
I copied MP3 files to the card.. the phone can read them just fine.
recently I took some photos and videos with the phone and want to transfer them to the PC
I have put the memory card into the same reader adapter I use all the time. it sees the files, in fact, I can read/copy the files from the card that I originally put there with the PC, but I get the access denied error when trying to read the phone created pictures and video files.
explorer says the file format on the card is FAT, so there are no permissions
any clues?
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  1. Did the phone come with a USB cord that you can leave the flash card in the phone and access it that way?
  2. well I seem to have fixed the problem.. copied the files to a different folder on the same mem card from within the phone and now it works fine (scratching head) go figure
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