Whats going on with these XFX HD5770 (pics)??

Got two XFX HD5770 within a month and noticed that there are two versions so far.

One is Version "1.2" or "B 1.2" and the latest one (came in today) is Version "C". See pics:

It looks like the board has been changed a bit and Version "C" has only ONE crossfire bridge outlet. Why is that? Cost cutting?

I assume they perform the same, correct?

Also, is it possible for me to update the latest BIOS for the earlier version? Is it possible and necessary? However, GPU-Z shows the latest BIOS from the Version "C" in crossfire setup.
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  1. SOP....common problem with buying "Hardware Revision A".....when a new generation comes out, it's gonna get tweaked to improve efficiency, performance and, ..... shhhh .....get the bugaboos out. Vendors historically release new GFX in time fo XMas but it's not until March that things get stable from the manufacturing perspective (don't mean stable as in performance but stable as in same parts, same arrangement).....it's still being reported that yields are as low as 4% so the factory and designers are working hard on improving that....so this year it's a bit worse than most. I expect March will be the last significant hardware revision for "reference boards" that came out in October with the final performance tweaked non reference designs arriving come June.
  2. but what is the rational of deleting one crossfire bridge outlet in Version "C"?
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