I think its my 5770

hey guys, first timer, long reader. and i have a problem. If i leave my computer on for a while and leave, i come back and there is a series of vertical lines that appear across my monitor and each time its a different color, either way my computer freezes, so i have to restart my computer. since it shows on my monitor, im guessing its my Sapphire vapor-x 5770, i recently got it and ive been getting this problem every so often without any hint when its coming and its fairly annoying. on another note, i got the Coolit Domino A.L.C and the 5770 at the same time, and when my computer is running there is this quiet but obvious high pitch sound, that makes my computer louder than the fans make it. im wonder if the domino or 5770 is making that noise.
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  1. what about the card's temps?
    It maybe an overheating, just check your temps...
  2. Download OCCT and run the CPU / GPU / PSU torture tests.....look at the temp voltage while underway and at the graphs when done to look for problems.
  3. You should check the temperature as wa1 says, an easy way of knowing wether your graphic card is the problem is changing it for anothe... maybe the one you had before, as you said is a new card
  4. k so i did the testing and my CPU does not go above 60C thx to the domino and my 5770 never went above about 80C, also the PSU test went 1h no problem so my computer is very stable. but this freezing doesn't happen when i'm "gunning it" in CoD or my other games often, it usually happens when its the computer is idling and i'm gone for an hour or 2, so i tried underclocking and i used to overclock it but not anymore. so should i replace/return it or is there a way to fix it? Or is there another issue in my computer? do you guys need specs or..? PS. i'm surprised you all answered so fast thx for helping!!
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    Try adjusting your power settings in the control panel.

    Make sure none of them are set to sleep.
  6. so far so good, no freezes since i did the testing and changed the power settings but i have a couple more questions
    1. does the sleep feature mess up my GPU/ computer in general?
    2. does stress testing "tone" my computer parts or does it deterioriate/ ruin them?
    3. why would my GPU make those lines? (makeup a theory)?
  7. 1. Sometimes the sleep feature just doesn't work properly and the computer stuffs up.
    2. No, not unless you run them for ages. It's just to test for computer weaknesses.
    3. It could be a inconsistent power supply, incorrect installation or atifaicting from too high a GPU clock.
  8. run the CPU / GPU / PSU torture tests...?
    why it's called torture test?
  9. because it stresses the cpu and gpu till they suffer
  10. It could be a driver issue. Try updating to the latest driver.
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