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hello everybody today i saw that my CPU can be OC i have a 2.66 GHz and i want to OC to 3.66 can it do any probleams to my computer like overheat and my motherboard (dp55wb) and if someone can tell me how to do it it will be nice

thanks to all helpers :D
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  1. Generic Intel branded boards are not usually favored for any sort of overclocking I doubt that you will get far on this board. Maybe 3ghz without needing to replace the stock cooler but the board is a reason to worry.
  2. people say that on my CPU it can get to 3.6 GHz and another question why i need to worry about my board ????
  3. Because your board is low end and is cheaply built. You can easily cook it if you decided to push your cpu high enough clocks then put in under full load.
  4. soo you mean that i need a new board ??????
    if yes that can you recommand one ?
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    Almost any thing that doesn't have Intel as its brand. There are some good P55 boards for this cpu that will get it to 4ghz without to much fuss but they can be hard to find new. eBay and Amazon are good places to find decent boards that are second hand and some times new.
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