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Formatting (E) windows was unable to complete the format

I have two instances of windows 7 on my PC. I did a clean install on my C:\ drive, I have three hard drives c d & e. I am unable to format my e drive because I'm pretty sure that is where some win 7 system files are, I've formatted my d drive. I'd like to know how to get rid of the second win 7 boot. Its corrupted and won't complete a boot up Thank you
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  1. Normally if windows can't format its because of a hardware failure with the disk. You can try running checkdisk to see if there is an issue with the hd. Another option is to delete the e drive partition and then re partition it and format. Control panel /admin tools / computer management / disk management. From there right click on the e drive and delete the partition. Then recreate and format.
  2. the options I need to use in disk management are grayed out and unavailable. The check disk found no errors. I have removed everything from the drive and it is empty but I see my problem is that the e drive is designated as a system partition. Do you know any software that will do the job for me. I haven't had any luck searching the net.
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    Hi hooemeye, when you installed the OS, was it from within windows or from disk? I only ask this because it seems like the installation to C drive was done while E was the System drive. If this is so, then the e drive does contain system files for c !!!!

    If so, then you have one choice as far as i can see, remove all drives, and insert only one drive, your hdd your using for system and reformat and install windows in isolation, with no other drives connected.

    Then, you can add other drive and should be able to delete partition and format as Bucknutty correctly advises you above.

    If not, remove all drives and just connect up e drive and use setup disk to delete partition. Then add back to system ( after fresh install ) and use bucknuttys procedure above.

    Hope this helps, keep us updated on how you get on :-)

    PS, have you installed all the motherboard drivers and Windows 7 updates as well. Sometimes, functionality like drive access and modification cannot be done until all functionality ( like sata drivers etc ) are installed. The default windows drivers are only designed to get system up and running, you still need to install manufacturers drivers, most especially for motherboards. :-/

    PPS, their are many hard disk management software solutions which could help, but if my first point is correct, you will need to fresh install on one hdd, without others being present, not normally a problem but can sometimes fall over. Just Google hard disk management and you will get many hits!!!
  4. Success! I booted off the windows disk, deleted the system designation for the e drive exited, disconnected two drives d & e and rebooted off windows and did the install from there. I am now able to format e drive and it doesn't boot up with two copies of windows, thanks guys appreciate the help
  5. Your welcome :-), please close thread if successful and problem solved.
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