GeForce GT220 vs ati 4850

which card is faster i was thinking of gettin the nvidia as my boinc projects have support on these
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  1. 4850 is significantly faster than GT 220
  2. if you are determined to compare an nvidia card to the 4850, it would be better to compare the GTX 260 to terms of actual performance it is much closer.
  3. ^^HD4850 is comparable to GTS 250.
    GTX 260 is comparable to HD 4870.

    HD 4850 is much much faster than a GT 220.
  4. The 4850 is more or less the same as a GTS250. The GT220 is a weak card.....Or shall I say HTCP only....

    GT220 compares to the 4670 =)
  5. The 4850 is way faster than a lowly GT220. It's not even a contest. Not in the slightest
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