GTX220 vs Radeon HD 4850

which card is faster for games and also i was thinkin the nvidia as i use boinc and it has support to run ion the gpu
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  1. 4850 will blow that GT220 anytime around.
  2. There is no GTX 220. You will have to tell us what card you actually mean. If it's the GT 220 the HD4850 is much, much better.
  3. what they said.

    the GT220 is a very low end-card. not really gaming grade, more for video playback or photo-editing. the 4850 performs admirably in most games. and while its certainly no powerhouse, its more than capable.
  4. ^+3
    agree with 3 people above... :)
  5. A GT220 is roughly equal to a 4650 DDR3.

    The 4850 is about 4+ tiers above it.
  6. No question. HD 4850 will have the GT220 for breakfast.
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