How to overclock my gpu sapphire hd 6450 2gb

please suggest on how to overclock my sapphire 6450 2gb graphics in the most simplest and easiest way as im begginer ive to keep in mind all the things before doing something new as im unto gaming lyk crysis 2 batman arkham city ghost recon future soldier battlefield3 borderlands i see my gpu isnt supporting all of these for a comfortable gameplay so im upto this step. please let me know what are the advantages of overclocking and does this process helps alot in playing hd games with high settings with a low profyl gpu lyk mine or its just a formality.
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  1. You can download the software program called Afterburner and see if that will help you to overclock. With that low end of a card you may not get much of an increase to make a difference in your gameplay fps but it can't hurt to try.
  2. what should i keep in my mind while doing overclocking as im planning to do it through amd's default amdoverdrive. please tell me does overclocking through this will work or it just a formality how do i make out the changes done through this process i hope all my queries are not stupid cause im being too curious
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