Overclocking q9550 softwarebased

hi there, dear reader.

this is my system:

window 7 ultimate
intel core quad cpu q9550 @2,83 GHz standard cheap intel cooling vent
ram 8 gig 800 mhz ddr2
64 bit os
nvidia GeForce GTX 670 , Driver 306.02 beta
onboard sound
mainboard gigabyte GA-EP43-DS3L

i was told that the q9550 is ideal for overclocking.
id like to do so.
i didnt know s**t about this topic until today.
i read some guides and found out that nowadays there are softwaretools available.

(?) i think for me this would be the official one of GIGABYTE named EASY TUNE?

(?) this tool should be able to give me the complete deal for OC'ing, including voltage change?

(?) i guess first of all ill need a better vent for my cpu, but which one?

(?) then id start playing /w the software, gradually going upwards until... a monitoringsoftware (ill still have to find) informs me of my systems temperature becoming too high? is there stresstest software included?

(?) which mhz value should i strive for? 3? 3,2? 3,4?

(?) i recently bought a new graphic cards, if the rest of the system melts down i wouldnt be too whiny, but how can i ensure my gpu doesnt get hurt in the process?

thank you very much for any help you are willing to give.
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  1. argh! while easytune seems the way to go starting it up results in a crash" gui mfc application has stopped working". did anyone came across this error yet?
  2. Overclock inside of the BIOS, what cooler do you have?

    Read this guide:
  3. well following the guide is not all that easy if you are new to this.

    the fan is labled
    e30307 -001
  4. Is that the stock cooler? you want to replace that!
  5. (?) i guess first of all ill need a better vent for my cpu, but which one?
  6. I'd get a cooler master hyper 212 EVO.
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