Parts list for system overhaul

I will be purchasing something this week, I was just wanting some advice first.
My budget is no more than 450 before rebates.
Before I describe my usage I need to note that this is replacing/overhauling a 7yr old p4 1.8 ghz machine so whatever i get will seem amazing to me.
This machine will be used for surfing, email, lots of multimedia(movies,music), trans-coding movies, light gaming, some adobe photoshop/premiere work,
Already have these parts from previous system
monitor 1280x1024
optical and hard drives
keyboard and mouse
I will be purchasing everything from newegg

i will be overclocking / no sli or crossfire

there are a lot of things i would like but my budget is the constraining factor.

Here is an example of what i'm thinking I have no preference on part brands (amd/intel for example) I just want something decent that will last a little while that I probably won't upgrade.
intel e5200

xigmatek hdt-s963

gigabyte ga-g41m-es2l

muskin 2 x 2gb ram ddr2 1066

powercolor ax4650 512md2-h

wd 640gb blue

antec neo eco 400c

I am not stuck on any of these parts but i need each item and i can't go over budget.
Thanks for your help, I really appreciate your help and expertise. If I can get better performance with different parts or equal performance for cheaper that would be great.
I'm no stranger to overclocking, but I've been out of the scene for a long time and i am needing help making sure everything will work together.
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  1. Seems like you've done your research pretty well. You've picked good parts for your budget. The e5200 is a good choice in your price range, and runs cool stock, so it is easy to OC. Based on the newegg reviews, many people seem happy with that motherboard as well, and it looks like it wouldn't have any trouble OCing your processor to where you want it to be. The RAM looks good, speed is good, and latencies are low. That graphics card is a pretty good deal, and a good choice considering your budget. That's also a great price on an 80+ certified PSU.

    For the hard drive, you might consider going with a Seagate 7200.12 instead, like the one below. It should be only $60 after rebate, and performs near the top on hard drive benchmark tests:

    CPU coolers are not my area of expertise, but for only a few dollars more, you might try something like the CoolerMaster Hyper 212. I know this cooler is a favorite in low budget OC builds for it's value:

    Overall though, you've put together a nice build for your budget. I don't see any compatibility problems with the components you've selected.
  2. thanks for your quick reply, I had picked that drive orig. but i think that was a shell shocker deal that is no good anymore. I added it to my cart and it comes up 79.99 with no rebate. I was hoping i could get some ideas for a similar amd rig too if anybody has any suggestions or tweaks to this system.
  3. I have to highly suggest AGAINST an LGA 775 build. It's not future proof as the socket is already dying. I would suggest going for an Athlon II x2 regor build with AM3 as it looks like that socket will be around for at least a few years yet.

    CPU: Athlon II x2 240 $58.99

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P $79.99 (before $10 MIR)

    PSU + GPU combo: Antec Neo Eco 520W + HD 4650 $94.98 (plus free Battleforge game)

    RAM: OCZ Gold 4GB (2x2GB) 1066MHz CL7 $79.99

    HDD: Seagate 7200.12 750GB $79.99 (if you can find it go for the Samsung F3 Spinpoint 500 GB $55-60)

    OD: Lite-On CD/DVD Burner $23.99

    I noticed you said you wanted to reuse all of your HDDs and ODs, but I'm assuming that all of these drives are IDE drives. I would highly suggest against them as they make a mess out of your case (the cables are massive) and SATA runs much faster/smoother.
  4. I had thought about that , but i also doubt i will be doing any upgrading. It will prob be the same scenario as i have now, use it till i can't stand it anymore, then replace all the core components. If something would break I may be in trouble down the road though. I would appreciate a similar AMD machine build if that can be provided. Thanks. I love this site.
  5. I generally recommend against the use of 775 in any build as well, considering it's reaching the end of it's lifespan, however with this sort of budget, and given the fact that you're not exactly in the price range of a future-proof system, I have to say the e5200 would still be better. Take a look at the CPU Buyer's Guide 2.0 section on recommended CPUs:

    smithereen said:


    AMD Athlon II 250:
    This CPU is cheap and very fast at stock speeds. For around $70 bucks you can have a CPU that will run almost any game and make for a very snappy operating environment. This CPU runs very "cool 'n' quiet", and runs in a current socket. It does not overclock very well. Recommended for running at or around stock speeds for a sure thing.

    Intel Pentium Dual-Core e5200:
    This CPU is very cheap as well, also around $70. It performs poorly at stock speed, but is a formidable OCer. Of course, OCing is a tossup, you will need a decent motherboard and cooling that will handle the overclock, and you could always get a bad CPU. But if you don't, and you probably won't, you will get some of the best value available.

    AMD Phenom II 550:
    This CPU can be had for around $100, and it smokes both the Athlon II and the Pentium Dual-core at stock and OCd. It brings tremendous value to the table, it will run any current game very well, and there is a decent possibility you can unlock disabled cores on a SB710 or 750 motherboard. A good performer at stock and overclocked speeds. NOT recommended for productivity or media editing PCs, this is all about the gaming.

    The Athlon II 250 and e5200 are very similar in price and performance, with the main difference being that the e5200 is easily overclockable, while the Athon II 250 is not. Given that you want to overclock, I think the e5200 is your best choice. For 30$ more I suppose you could get a Phenom II 550 which has better performance and overclocks well, but is more intended for a pure gaming build.
  6. I definately do more media stuff than gaming, that is for sure.
  7. I'd go with the e5200 for sure then.
  8. Thanks, I appreciate your input.
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