How do I setup a SSD through XP to use for a fresh W7 install

I'm building a new system.

I currently have an IDE drive that contains XP Pro, this drive will NOT be going into the new system. However I need this IDE drive in order to install my copy of W7 Pro UPGRADE over the current XP environment. I would like W7 to go on a fresh SSD.

Given my situation, what's the best way (and how) to setup the SSD drive?
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  1. Upgrade to W7 on IDE, ImageX to a .WIM, ImageX back to SSD in new system.

    Install XP on SSD, upgrade to W7.

    I hate both options; if there's one thing I make sure every person I know knows about PC OS = NEVER UPGRADE / BUY UPGRADE LICENSES.
  2. I'm leaning towards installing XP on the SSD first.

    If I'm correct, this means prepping the SSD through the XP environment, then installing a fresh copy of XP on the SSD (since I'm assuming Win7 Pro Upgrade won't let me install to a new partition, although I could be wrong on this).

    What's the best way of prepping a SSD through XP?
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