5670 review

Looks to be a lil under the 9800 and lil more better than the 9600
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  1. thanks for the link, mod... :)
    it can be too hot i think but it can be an alternative option for someone who has a low power PSU and want a dx11 card.
  2. Well, its the first bench, lets wait till all is known. Im waiting for Toms/Anand/Guru etc
  3. Thanks!
  4. Hopefully we get some better non-reference coolers for it.
  5. Gts 240 dead already.

    The cooling obviously isn't up to this gpu and I hope that is just drivers causing the AA failure in Far Cry.

    Overall its decent enough if not earth shattering (depending on final price). Note some don't have crossfire connecters too.
  6. Well it didn't really "kill" the GT240, but there's certainly no reason to buy the latter card. It would probably be cheaper to get a 9600GT than a GT240 and you'd be getting the same performance, or slightly better. I thought this result was odd:

    What happened to all the newer cards?
  7. randomizer said:

    What happened to all the newer cards?

    Exactly would have been nice to see how it stacks up to the rest of the 5xxx line as well at least the 5770 for reference on whether it is worth the price difference for the performance difference !
  8. No, what I meant was, what happened to all the newer cards in that graph? :D The 9600GT as coming out ahead of what should be a faster card (5670), and ahead of a card that has in every other benchmark been about equal (GT240).
  9. Yep that's why i mentioned it as hopefuly being driver issues :p

    I see what you mean (and yes I know you were referring to the last post by jdfan with your comments :p), the 240 and 5670 fail big time in FC2. Ah I dunno, mby we are asking too much but imo the low end price/performance is starting to suck compared to the mid-high end. Maybe it's actually just an overall balancing whereas before the low end always offered the highest p/p.
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