Computer starts running slow

I've had my desktop PC in for repairs 5 times for dropping into a slow running state. It was HPs top of the line 2 years ago and has plenty of horsepower. It runs fine for a few howers. Then, it starts taking 20 to 30 minutes just to open a folder. Boot up takes 30+ minutes. The Geek Squad seems to think mother board. They've run all the diagnostics and cleaning programs. They eliminated the hard drive, too,
Any ideas?
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  1. They could be right, but also wrong. Can u post your model name.

    Try to run #1 and #2 @
  2. are they the ones who have had it 5 times?

    if so they cant be very good if they havent solved the problem yet--hope they didnt charge you every time

    i would think the last suspect would be your motherboard

    why not try running a linux live cd to see if you get the same slowdown--or a virtual machine--or run it in safe mode

    if it doesnt slow down in safe mode its usually a good indicator that its not a hardware fault but a software one--you can also run msconfig and tell it to load a diagnostic startup to try to see if its a software fault

    personally i would suspect either a software issue or memory or hard drive in that order--how did they eliminate the hard drive?
  3. If you bought it from them I would think it would have some kind of lemon coverage.
  4. vigilante212 said:
    If you bought it from them I would think it would have some kind of lemon coverage.

    never heard of lemon coverage before--i take it thats something to do with the saying that you bought a lemon? as in its duff

    and i take it thats a us law
  5. Yes. I work for Office max and if something is brought to us 4 times we replace it under the policy because its a lemon. Thats assuming you purchased the policy when you bought the machine from us.
  6. Did u tried run CHKDSK?

    Open the "Computer" window
    Right-click on the drive in question
    Select the "Tools" tab
    In the Error-checking area, click <Check Now>.
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