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Hi I am trying to OC my core 2 Quad Q6600 and there is no options in the bios to adjust the FSB. My Mobo is an Intel DG965WH and I have a feeling it is locked. Can anyone confirm this and what are my options to OC ? or is overclocking impossible with my setup. I know my system is getting old and I will be replacing components within a year or two and I just want to get a little more juice.

My goal is to get to at least 3.0 hopefully 3.2
so thanks in advance for the help
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  1. That's unusual to not have an option to adjust the FSB as most of the older boards do have that option. Are you sure that you looked carefully at every option?
  2. I have looked carefully at all the options. there is nothing regarding FSB multipler or voltages.
  3. I have gone through the Spec Sheets...

    Looks like no chance of Overclocking on that board..Sorry!

  4. No surprise there since Intel doesn't like thier cpu overclocked anyway , they wouldn't make a MB that would allow you to overclock.
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