What's the max voltage for a MSI twin frozr III R7850?

did they say anything about the max voltage for this card? messaged them but no response so far.
I'm interested to know because It comes with 1.038v core compared to other brands, some come with voltages near 1.2 STOCK, 900mhz. Does my card have a shitty pcb that gets fried at higher volts or are they all equal? sapphire=asus=msi=pny=etc? and is it equal with the 7870 pcb? I've seen that 7870 has pretty high stock voltages and people put like 1.3v in them to overclock.
Wanna know because I need 1.16v for 1.2ghz core which would be almost 50%. (well 1350 would be 50% but I like to tell myself that 1200 is 50%)
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  1. or at least someone tell me if 7850 has the 7870 pcb and that voltages that are OK for that card are ok for mine too. And that there's no difference between 7850 brands, except the cooler. I've seen many stock... sapphire, asus etc 7850 that come with 1.1v+ compared to my card's 1.038.

    But maybe that's because of my motherboard?
    My old gts450 had 1.038 too, same voltage... weird

    Dear sir/madam Thanks for contacting MSI technical support. Regarding your concern,increase the voltage by yourself is not under the warranty.Do not over 50MV. Thanks for your cooperation in advance! Best Regards, MSI Technical Support Team

    well that didn't help me at all... still confused about this
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