How to solve the problem related to disk drive which is present in Disk manageme

I cannot see one of my logical Drive in MyComputer but see it in Storage management. Also that drive partion in storage management has disabled open and explore button when I right click on it which is unlike all other drives.
Sometimes when I restart or restore my system then I get that logical drive in MyComputer with label NTFS and it donot open on clicking but instead gives the error message that the referred Drive's location is unavailable.
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  1. :hello: Welcome to the forums.

    Is it formatted? If not, you will be able to ee it in Computer Management, but it will not be usable.
  2. Check hdd powercable and sata cable if any lose connection is there, try changing these cables ,it can cause this problem
  3. before start Load default settings in bios ,
  4. If it's an IDE drive I'd say something is not set with the master/slave jumper setting. In case of sata drive I'd say it's not partitioned correctly.
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