My computer wont update windows xp sp3

My laptop is an IBM Think Pad and I have not had internet for a while so I have been trying to update it now that I have internet. Everytime I try to update it with windows xp service pack 3 it tells me that I have an error and wont download it. Is there anything I can do without killing the system and starting over?
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  1. You didn't mention the error. Make sure you have enough free disk space. You may need to defrag to consolidate free space too. Also, scan for viruses/malware.

    If you can't get it through automatic updates, try downloading and installing manually.
  2. oh, sorry its error number 0x80072efd. I also ran a check for errors and this is what I found:

    ActiveX, OLE/COM entries 41
    empty registry keys 131
    file extentions 4
    invalad file associations 93
    most recent used files 64
    start menu items 24
    system software settings 164
    user software settings 45
  3. Here is what microsoft recommends.
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