CPU Voltage ? Vcore 0.784 ???

Hi, Im trying to play games on my Newly Built PC and im noticing the worst stuttering/lag/frame rate drop and during this lag my voltage is litteraly half of what it should be !! I will give someone anything if they can help me fix this.
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  1. Need more info. System specs.
  2. knightdog56 said:
    Need more info. System specs.

    amd 8150 fx 4.2
    asrock 990fx
    amd radeon 7850oc
    ocz modtreme 600 watt
    500gb hdd hitachi
    t40 enermax heatsink
    32 sanyo display
    8gb gskill 2133mhz
  3. And full load temps?
  4. Check temps with core temp (google it).
  5. jay_nar2012 said:
    Check temps with core temp (google it).

    23c on all 8 cores 29c on gpu Motherboard temp 38c
  6. gpu 39c load
    cpu 44c load
  7. Have you tried disabling Cool 'n' Quiet in the BIOS?

    Scan for malware and viruses...
  8. yes disabled all power management options. like and including that one
  9. And you checked window's advanced power setting?

    Like minimum processor state is 100%
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