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I was wondering...I have a gateway system running perfect right now

I see some cheap core2quad q8200s with the same 65w tdp as my current core2duo e6300(its olllldddd and holding my gtx 260 back and I want a quad core)
My current one has a 1066 mhz fsb and the q8200 has a 1333mhz fsb...ive put in core2quads into customers systems where the fsb only supported 1066 but the chip was 1333...this is just a stock board and It think it will work:)
the motherboard is the gateway love valley p965 motherboard and it does support the intel core2extremes which are practically core2quads and they have a much higher tdp so im suspecting that mine should support the lower tdp core2quad easily ...

I like this system a lot and dont see now reason to get a new case and motherboard if the q8200 will work....Im thinking that it will...but only a 1066mhz bus ...and i really dont care about that because it will be heaps faster than what I got atm
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  1. doesn't look like the core 2 quad is supported on that board

  2. supports core2extreme..the same exact thing as a core2quad basically right? those chips just are more power hungry
  3. sorta, it might work but i would recommend you just get a new mobo
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