Overclocking i7 860 heating issues.

I just bought a TPC 812 heatsink for my i7 860 thinking it would bring my temp down to the mid 20's idle, but I'm getting high 30's to mid 40's. with are without overclocking, on idle. My goal is to overclock it to 4GHz.

My over all system specs.
p55a-ud3 motherboard v1
x2 4GB of gskill sniper ram 1333
7970 reference, stock clock.
550watt power supply.

With in seconds of stress testing with intel burn test my temp shoots up to 80c.
I really have know idea on what to change to make it stable. I know my ram is known for its crappy overclocking capabilities.

If anything I need a bigger power supply, and better ram. :(

My max core speed is set to 3.70 at the time of this photo, the photo shows 1.6 because I have set on demand to help with temps.

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  1. I just replied the thermal compound, and went back to stock settings. I'm still getting. 32c to 45c temps on idle.
  2. You need to improve your cooling and make sure that the power vrm phases for the cpu are not running to hot. Power consumption is usually double around 4ghz that being typically 200w give or take just for the cpu. So you need a Good cooler and the board sometimes has to be modded for stability. Mods that are mainly cooling related. Beyond that once you get the temps down see if you can dial back the volts.
  3. This is the cooler I'm using right now.

    Its suppose to be pretty good. It brought me down 20 degrees from the stock intel cooler.

    Will I need water cooling to reach my goal?
  4. You don't need water cooling, its to expensive for most as it is :s

    OK that is a good cooler. What settings if your ram currently running at?
  5. Its set on auto, which is like 9 9 9 24 33. The memory frequency is set at stock 1333
  6. There still has to be something wrong but I will think over it during class.
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