Another Core 920 Build! Huzzah!

Heres what I am looking to purchase. Any tweaks/suggestions would be appreciated it....Case is TBD still =P Can't decide on one hehe..

Powercolor Radeon HD 5870

Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping Quad Core Processor LGA1366 2.66GHZ Bloomfield 8MB LGA1366 -SLBEJ-

ASUS P6X58D Premium

Corsair Professional HX750W


Case = ??? =P
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  1. Man, that's a very nice looking setup you will have there, congratulations :)

    I just did a core i5 build, and this is the case I used:

    Rosewill Destroyer--$59.99/free shipping

    ...but it's sold out right now :(
    In my opinion, it's a great case if you're on a budget.
    It comes with 3 120mm fans installed. I added a cheap 120mm fan to make 2 top fans, 1 front/1 rear. The i5 (stock) is idling at 23c--27c and not getting above 47--49c under heavy loads. I also have a XFX 4870 1GB--which is a pretty hot card.
    It used to idle at 64-67c in my old case (with poor airflow) and get up to 82/83c under load (with v-sync off, 75/76c with v-sync on).

    This Rosewill case has dropped the idle temp on the 4870 to 55c and it only gets up to around 63/64c under load gaming. And I am just leaving the fan control on auto in CataylystCC :) There is one drawback though, and that is the case fans are pretty loud. I've heard worse, but it can be a little annoying. But, you get used to it though.

    If your budget can handle it, here are some other excellent cases with good deals right now:

    Antec 900--$99 + free shipping with promo code

    Thermaltake V9 Black Edition--$99/free shipping + $15 off promo code O_O man that's a STEAL!

    Sunbeam Tranformer Full Tower--$74.99 + $19.99 shipping
    I think that's a really cool looking case. And it's a full tower for under $100 shipped!
    It's got 4 fans too. That's a great deal if you ask me.

    And this one is probably my favorite. It's a really cool-looking case and it's $79.99 + 9.99 shipping, so only &90 bucks, and at that price, I think it's a steal
    NZXT Lexa S

    NZXT also has several other very nice looking/performing cases at lower and higher pricepoints. But I think these are some very nice cases that won't break your budget at ~$100 or less. Hope these suggestions help. I'd love to have any of these cases :)
  2. This is the case I used for my i7-920 build. Has a huge 250mm side fan. I don't find the blue LED's distracting, but it can be bright. It took my 4890 with plenty of room to spare. Pretty quiet, too. Aluminmum. Great job cooling.

    Lian-Li $99
  3. Your build is virtually identical to the rig I'm ordering parts for right now - same CPU, MoBo, RAM, GPU, etc.

    This is the case I've got: COOLER MASTER HAF 922 RC-922M-KKN1-GP Black Steel + Plastic and Mesh Bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. $99, comes with a free cheap-o surge protector right now. It's a great looking case, good space, built-in cable management system, good airflow. Seems to be a ton of support for this case around here.

    If you're planning to OC, you'll want to snag a HSF as well. COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus Intel Core i5 & Intel Core i7 compatible RR-B10-212P-G1 120mm "heatpipe direct contact" Long life sleeve CPU Cooler - Retail. At $29.99, it's arguably the best value in a cooler available right now.

    HDD: SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive. $89.99.

    And then optical drive, OS, thermal paste, etc.

    Looks like the foundation of a great build, should be (will be ;) ) solid!
  4. Look at the XFX 5870, it should have a better warranty.

    For a case, how about the Antec 300 "illusion"?
  5. Great replies thanks guys. I have some thinking to do.

    Here was the case I was thinking about....


    As for heat sink i was looking at that new Nocturne, the only turn off was the massiveness of it. I like the looks of your A LOT more Restatement

    And for drives I already have three sata's and a burner I'll be transfering over from my old e6600 =)

    And good call geofelt on the XFX. =)
  6. Silverstone is a brand I like, though I can't comment on that particular case. Great looking case, for sure.

    Here's a review for you:
  7. The silverstone FT02 is a beast and for the heatsink I would go with the Thermalright Venemous X
  8. Went with the Fortress. PC is on order! Thanks again for all the help everyone! =)
  9. Good luck man post some benchmarks of core temps in the Fortress I havent heard much about how well the 90 degree mobo design cools.
  10. saberwing_ca said:
    Went with the Fortress. PC is on order! Thanks again for all the help everyone! =)

    Congrats, man! I just placed the last order for my remaining parts yesterday (sans monitor, ugh) - should be testing parts and building by early next week!

    Enjoy, your rig is going to be savage :D
  11. Just an update from me. I've pieced her all together. The power supply is on back order so I am using my old 700w OCZ from my previous build at the moment. My first 3dMark vantage score was 12003 with a gpu score of 11517 (there is something going on with my default clock speeds here!!!) and a cpu score of 15776.

    I am not overclocking until my Corsair PS comes in since I dont think the OCZ can handle it. They were out of 750w corsairs when I ordered so I had to bump up to the 850w...nuts! =P

    As for the case, I absolutly love it...its so nice and during the cpu benchmark on 3dmark I did not break 53 Degrees with all 4 cores running at 100%. Can't wait to OC this puppy.

    On a related note, there is something up with the 5870. CCC reports the Core speed at a measly 400mhz and it should be 850mhz. The memory at 1200 which I believe is fine. I've tried a few oc'ing programs such as CCC, MSI Booster and AMD GPU Clock Tune and and if I try to overclock it in the lease all it ends up doing is underclocking the system even worse and gives me horrible video tearing on the desktop of my main display. Im going to continue to figure out wtf is up with this. I have read a lot of forums on this going on and may just be a matter of driver release issues =( The best attempt I had was the AMD GPU which got the core and memory to where I wanted but alas made my system die. More tweaking for me...anyone else have these issues and solve them that can shed some light to save me a lot of googling? Thanks! =)
  12. The 5870 underclocks itself when not gaming or being fully utilized sometimes it doesnt go back to full clock even in benchmarks try it out in some games mine does the same thing
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