I7 920 max temperature - do I have a problem??


I know this has been debated over and over again, but I need some advise. I have a i7 920 D0 on a gigabyte mobo (GA-X58A-UD7 F6 BIOS) and I've been testing my system and found that the CPU temperature seems to be quite high when compared to what I've read here and there...

I'm not overclocking the processor, although the bios seems to be because it runs the processor @133MHz x21 or sometimes x22 (I have all other bios options on auto, and for the RAM I am using its XMP profile and is running with clock set @800MHz (1600 DDR), timings are 7-7-7-24 and voltage is set to 1.65.

The Vcore never goes up more than ~1.2 and never drops below ~0.9.

I am using a Akasa Nero cooler and have used artic silver 5 (although I have applied a thin layer of it all over the CPU and not as described in arctic silver instructions).

My case is a CM snipper black.

Sorry for all the words, now I am getting to my problem. After running Prime95 the CPU temperature raises to 85C just after a few seconds, maybe 1 minute in two of the cores. The other two run a little bit lower around 79. At idle I'm getting ~41 in the same two cores and ~38 in the other two. I got these readings using Real Temp.

I've noticed (but I need to confirm) that the cooler temperature does not get too high. I can touch it without any problems even when the processor is running @85C. Could I have a problem between the CPU and the cooler??


My question is, why these temperatures? What may I have done wrong??
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  1. For stock frequencies in such a good case (for cooling), I thing your load temps are high. I notice that the Akasa uses the Intel pushpins mounting scheme. Have you verified that the HSF is properly mounted?

    Unfortunately, you need to look at the bottom of the motherboard to be sure.
  2. I will take a look when I get home! Good that my case has a window that allows to take a look without removing the mobo. Thanks!
  3. Hmm i think you might want to try opening the case and checking physically with your hands that the HSF is mounted correctly - just looking through the side window wont give you much information. The push pin design relies on the pins going through the mobo and then twist locking in place. It is very easy to have one or more of these pins not lock correctly resulting in a poorly mounted HSF and high temperatures.
  4. Thanks ulysses, I guess I did not express myself correctly,what I meant was removing the side of the of the case and look at the mobo from behind. There is a small window in the panel that allows looking at the "back" of the mobo where the CPU is mounted.

    Sorry but my English is not very good.

    An image is worth a thousand words :)



  5. Hi, amsc

    I'm running a Core i7 920 D0 on an AsRock X58 Extreme motherboard with a Prolemitech Megahalems for the cooler.

    This is my first build ever so I'm no expert, but I thought my temps were high after reading reviews on the web.

    Using Realtemp the 4 cores run about:

    Idle 38c - 40c
    Load 66c - 68c (Running 8 threads Prime95)

    Hope this helps!

  6. Cheers Mike,

    So I suppose there is something really wrong with my setup :(

    Maybe I should replace the cooler...
  7. Yesterday I took the cooler off and found that is was not touching the CPU except is two small areas or the edge of the CPU. I am assuming this because there were marks of the thermal grease in the bottom of the cooler in these ares. I've readjusted the cooler again and I got a drop of max temperature in about 8~9 degrees C. But I am not convinced, so this cooler must go!!

    Now, suggestions for a good and QUIET cooler. Anywone?

  8. Just for your reference....

    A friend of mine and I just O.C.d his 920 to 3.6 w/ a coolermaster V8 and got nowhere NEAR those temps... I believe it was 78 degrees c at the highest.

    the V8, however, would not be my reccomendation. I would say your best bet would be coolermaster hyper 212+, best bang for your buck easily. Read reviews if you don't believe me.
  9. If your budget allows I would suggest TRUE, Mega, VX or a Noctua NH-D14. Only the Noctua comes with fans and I would suggest a fan/fans with good pressure like the Skythe S-Flex or the Thermalright FDB fans. Speed would depend on how quiet you want them, at 1300rpm they are quiet and 1600 are fairly quiet but noticeable yet over that they do start getting quite a bit noisier.
  10. Thanks all for your prompt replies. I ended up buying a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 on a local dealer and now all looks (and sounds) much better.

    I'm getting idle temps of 28~31 and I cannot get to 60 in full load. And I am running the cooler with the Low Noise cables (I did not try the Ultra Low Noise) but I did try the "normal" mode and the temps where just a couple of degrees lower, and I opted with the lower noise solution.

    This looks to be a very well made cooler and took me about 15 min to set it up. Fortunately I did not need to remove the board from the case as the small window in the case in the back of the CPU was more than enough to mount the cooler support. I just have to say I am very pleased with the cooler.


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