9600 GT or HIS ATI

i planing to Assemble system for game, features:

RAM:2 GB kingston
CPU:Q8300 2.5 GB 4 Mb cache


but i am dont know about Graphic....
which one of these have more performance and compatibility with these system?
Geforce 9600GT 1GB DDR 2 or HIS ATI HD 4670 iSilence 4 1GB??
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  1. HD 4670 performs better,also stay away from DDR2 Cards.
  2. Both cards aren't really for heavy gaming, but they are fine for an occasional game.

    The 9600 GT performs better than HD 4670 but only when it is DDR3.
    I haven't seen benchmarks for 9600 GT DDR2 but it may be at about the same level of HD 4670 DDR3.
    Try to stay away from all DDR2 cards.
    Also as a note, these cards can't really benefit from 1 GB of ram, so 512 MB DDR3 will be much better than 1 GB DDR2.

    For the compatibility, both cards are compatible with your system.

    For the CPU, why did you choose the Q8300? Is there any specific reason? There are better options such as AMD Phenom II which offers higher performance for about the same price, or Athlon II which is significantly cheaper but not really slower than Q8300, or you can step up to core i5 750 which is much better and faster but costs a bit more.
  3. @OP:Change the PSU. Don't know if its good enough!

    A 9600GT is a better card. But i think Maziar was taking the DDR2 into consideration! Out of the two mentioned i would also go for the 4670 coz the 9600GT is DDR2.

    But i wonder if 9600GT is available in DDR2.

    @OP Again: If you get 9600GT DDR3 then definitely get that.
  4. That CPU is weak for gaming. Change it to an E8400 or to a comparable AMD CPU.
  5. Quote:

    The OP is comparing a 9600GT DDR2 with a HD 4670 DDR3,and DDR2 gives a performance hit compared to DDR3.
    But generally 9600GT DDR3 is faster(not very much though)
  6. The 9600GT (DDR3) is a good mainstream video card for games. I used it to play Fallout 3 @ 1920 x 1200 with high settings (with some minor tweaks) until I got my HD 5850.
  7. You should be fine with a Radeon 4670 with GDDR3. The 4670 is rather miserly with power and should do fine on your system with your current PSU. If you want to use the 9600GT make sure that your PSU is of decent quality, and if it isn't or you're not sure, then I would recommend you replace it.

    You may also want to consider the GT240 as it's a little faster than the 4670 and uses less power. It's more expensive though ^_^
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