Getting audio from lcd tv using hdmi cable from pc

I have samsung lcd tv at home . recently i bought cpu with corei5 processor and graaphics card of 1gb gt9400 nvidea. i am not gettin audio after connecting hdmi to hdmi cable from cpu to tv. please help me.
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  1. You will have to go int the control panel of whatever device it is on whether its on the video card or on the motherboard you will have to tell it to re route the audio thru it.
  2. I am not sure if any graphics card older than the new ATI 5000 series is capable of running audio via HDMI. There was some security issue with the sound being able to be pirated that the new cards have overcome.,2446-3.html
  3. I am pretty sure that that problem was isolated to ATI. When you look at the cards as long as it has the HDCP on it you are good to go. And I looked around plenty of 9400GTS with HDCP and HDMI.
  4. Sound works just fine with HDMI on my 4670. To enable it I had to open up play back devices and set HDMI output as the default audio device.
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