Help, Really bad micro-stuttering.

My computer is around 3 years old with afew upgrades such as GPU; Ram, Etc.

OS; XP Home 32bit.
Cpu: Intel E6300+ Core 2 Duo, 1.86ghz oced to 2.2.
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 896mb GTX260 (Core 216).
RAM. 3072 MB (Two 1 gig sticks dual channeling and one sitting in another by its self) I've tried taking the single one out. it wasn't the cause.
Mobo: Asus P5L-VM 1394 (Green)
Hard drive: Some 78gig sata drive with an 8mb cache. (could this be a problem?)
PSU: 500w CLIO (kindof low for my setup, but everything runs stable as far as power issues)

Other specifics: Using a 21' Acer LCD running at 1400 x 1050.
Running DX9 with Winxp.
Total pagefile is 4961; typically goes up to around 3000 max used when running a game.

Obviously my bigger problems come from running newer engines such as U3, Warhammer(very bad with WH) Mass effect.

I'm stumped. I know people with worse computers than my setup and run these engines flawlessly.

Any tips? any input would be appreciated!
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  1. Have you defragged your drive recently? Try that. Third-party defraggers like DiskKeeper or PerfectDisk do a better job than the XP built-in one.

    I assume the micro-stuttering means dropping frame rates in the games. Run FRAPS to see what you're really getting. Try lowering some of the details in the problem games and see if things improve.
  2. I have. I typically defrag 1-2 times a week, so that's not an issue. FPS in games say U3 engine generally stay within the 35-40 area
  3. 35-40fps should be smooth enough rates for playing. Did you run FRAPS when the micro-stuttering happens? What's the fps on the screen then?

    I'd try lowering some of the details within the problem games and see what you get for performance.

    Also, no need to defrag that often. Most people are more than fine with once a month for a defrag.
  4. Run real temp 3.0 and when you get the stuttering, go back to the temp log file and check the temps.

    It could be that your CPU is a bottleneck for your videocard.
  5. Temps only went up to about 57 celcius when playing global agenda. 58 in mass effect
  6. Are those CPU temps? You should select in the Real Temp settings to also record GPU temps. Under full load for 15 minutes your GPU shoud reach near 80C.
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