Have windows xp partition not recognized win7

i have an old samsung hard drive that is 160 gb, it had a failed xp mbr and im planning to do a clean install. however, i could not back up files in time so im trying to use a windows 7 computer to find the files. it recognizes the drive in disk management and sees 149 gb of space, however theres an unallocated space of 9 mb for some reason. how in the computer section, i can see the 149 gb partition, but it's only listed as 10Mb with files named ⌐▀─╦M╠ and ntldr and ╙/... i really want to recover the files and i cant find a solution to using windows 7 to finding the folders or accessing the remaining partition files... any help?
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  1. http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i355/waterdragonhead/th_diskmng.png" class="img lazy">

    http://i1089.photobucket.com/albums/i355/waterdragonhead/th_diskmng2.png" class="img lazy">
  2. anyone?
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