Is APC 650 VA enough for me???

Hi Everyone

I have the following config

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz
Intel DG33FB Motherboard
XFX 9800 GT 512 MB
2 Hard Disks

Corsair VX 550 Power Supply

Is the APC 650 VA enough for me?

Its NOT the long 20 minutes backup time that i am looking for.
I just need time to save the work and shut my system down when the power goes(~5 mins)

The APC 650 VA gives approximated sine wave output and i heard that PSU's with APF {Active Power Factor Correction (In my case Corsair VX550)} will have problems with approximated sine wave output

Can anybody please shed more info on this??

Is the APC enough for me?? Please suggest
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  1. Hi the APC 650VA is enough for your needs. Usually the 5minutes is a full load, that means if you are gaming or something like that, in normal work the time can be a little more, like 7 or 10 minutes.
  2. And if you are gaming, it's not absolutely crucial that you save work in progress.
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