Control Two Computers with One Keyboard? A dedicated monitor for each.

Hi there guys, I just got a MacBook and I already have an i7 computer. My quest is pretty much looking for a networking software so I can control two computers with one keyboard and mouse.

Now these are my conditions, or how I want the setup to work: (read carefully)

I have two computers, a MacBook Laptop, running Snow Leopard, and a custom i7 computer running Windows 7 (my work horse/gaming computer).

I have them both on a wired network, (but if i could have my MacBook wireless it would be great).

Now, I have a USB mouse connected to the MacBook. I want to use the MacBook's keyboard and mouse on both computers. Very responsive please!

I also have a monitor connected to the i7 computer that is dedicated to the i7.

The trick is that I want it to work like a dual-screen setup. I can use my MacBook like normal, but when I drag over to the right, I want to use the i7 computer like normal on the other monitor. Using the same keyboard and mouse.

Anyone know of a cross-platform software that I can use to use one keyboard for two computers. Not one at a time, like dual-screen, where I can drag over.

P.S. If it helps spark any thoughts, I saw a YouTube video a long time ago I cannot find anymore, of a guy with two laptops side by side,and he was playing a spiderman movie in quicktime and he could drag the movie over to the other computer without any lag.
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  1. Darn my laziness! Through a couple of minutes of searching i found "Synergy." It's exactly what I'm looking for according to this video.
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