hello i just got a gaming pc for my birthday and i overclocked my gpu but i dont know how to overclock my cpu and how far i should with overclocking it. my pc specs are a amd 6100, radeon 7850, 8gb ram, and a gigabyte 970a-d3. when i play call of duty black ops it will sometimes get some major lag. if anybody could help me that would be awsome thankyou.
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  1. Rule number 1 of overlocking: Don't overclock unless you're willing to replace whatever it is that you're overclocking
  2. Rule number two read the stickys at the top of this forum about overclocking and anything else that you can get your hands on since you want to have agood stable overclock and not be damaging anything , see rule number one.
    Overclocking is not some sort of game and it's very serious and should be approached that way. It can be very tedious and time consuming and requires a lot of time and patience , you can't just set a number in the bios and say your done , it takes some time.
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