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I have a Intel E6420 @2.13 Ghz Stock
MB Asus P5K-E
Memory A-Data ViTesta Extreme Edition 4X 1GB DDR-800

I made some OC to 3 Ghz like this:

FSB: 375
Timing: 4-4-4-12
Vcore: 1.325
NB Voltage: +0.2 V

Stock cooler, I have ran Intel Burn Test without errors ( on 3.2 I had some erros) but my problem it's that on 3Ghz with the above configuration on full load it stays at about 77-78 Degrees and I dont; think that it;s ok, even tough I am stable

Should I lower the Vcore or something? Is there a way to OC the E6420 to 3Ghz on aboce config and stay at around 60 degrees on stock cooler?

Case is a LianLi aluminium case, so no problems there

Thank you!
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  1. Try to lover the volts a little at a time until you get a crash. When you get your first crash then up the voltage by one increment.
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