Noob motherboard driver question.

Building my first computer by myself. One quick question. Seems that a lot of people build their system, boot once, set up BIOS (i still have to learn that too at some point lol), install the OS, then they install the drivers. I'm getting a ASUS P7P55D-E Pro. As far as updating its drivers, do I just go to this page and take every file on the top from every section?
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  1. Yeah, the board will come with a driver/utility installation CD. ASUS provides updated or the latest available/tested drivers for the board on that online product download page.
  2. So taking the top driver/file from all 10 of the main headings is the way to do it then?
  3. Umm the drivers are for the specific operating systems. Like a Windows XP driver will not work with a Windows 7 64 OS and so on. My suggestion since you mentioned you have never done this before is to load up the operating system after assembling. Then run the provided driver/utility disk (auto install all system drivers option is available with one click) and install the drivers for the board. Then after loading the Apps you use and loading all the Microsoft updates for the OS and Anti Virus program. Perhaps then check the ASUS online product page for your board for any updated system drivers(newer than the tested to work versions on the provided CD) like chipset/LAN/Sound, etc. Use this ASUS index to locate your board, not the one you posted on the link. There is a CPU support list, QVL list for RAM and Forum dedicated to the board you have.
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